Professional failures that can become an inspiration

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Failing with a project, with an idea, with a plan… is always something considered as a negative, as a defeat, as an unforgivable mistake. But what will happen if it was not like that? What if failure was a part of success? We have a bad tendency to think that failures are just mistakes and errors, but we have to start to see them with another perspective: failure is an important part of gaining experience and personal growth. Jobandtalent wants to give you some optimism with this post about inspirational failures by showing several examples of important people, who would
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EURES, the digital portal that helps you to find a job in Europe!


To those that are looking for a job in Europe, Jobandtalent brings you the best solution to make it through: EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal, which connects workers with companies from all over Europe, and it also offers advice and the most relevant information to make as easy to move to another country. What is EURES? EURES is an advisory network that gives the required information from jobseekers and the businessmen through personal contact. There are more than 900 EURES advisors in  Europe, and this number keeps growing. EURES advisors are formed specialists that provide three basics services: information,
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Can you imagine being forced to work less by law?

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“You must switch off your company phone from 6 pm until 9 am” Can you imagine your boss saying these words to you? These are the 13 words that French consultants, information technologists, engineers and other professionals will hear if the agreement signed by two trades unions and two employers is finally approved. The agreement wants to put a stop to the endless work schedule that employees endure, forcing them to switch off their business mobile phones and computers for 11 hours per day, which means being disconnected from the office too. Companies should take responsibility for these measures to comply.
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The most in-demand jobs: SEO and SEM professionals

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According to several reports about the  most in-demand Jobs in 2013 and 2014, (you can read ours here), work as an SEO or SEM professional has become something essential to a company and so it ranks third (behind the jobs  handling agent and laboratory technician). What’s makes SEO, SEM and other Digital Marketing professionals so ‘in-demand’ is that there is a real shortage in this sector. Work as an SEO or SEM professional can lead to great opportunities and it is guaranteed profession in which to find a recognised and valued  job. Jobandtalent bring you all the inside knowledge and tips
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How difficult is it to learn a language?

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A recent study, published by the USA State Department of Foreign Service Office, has proven that there are several characteristics that determine the ease or the difficulty in learning a language. In this post, Jobandtalent uncovers what these characteristics are; so you will be fully informed when it comes to choosing a language. We all know that learning any language other than our native language has always been something very positive and well received; however, nowadays it has become a necessity. We live in a connected world, in which geographic borders mean little or nothing. An important thing to consider, when
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