5 things to do while you’re job hunting

London activities

Looking for activities to do while you’re job hunting? Don’t want to break the bank but keen on staying active and seeing the best of what London has to offer?

Here are some ideas for your time off:


It may not be the first thing that jumps to mind, but don’t be too quick to write-off the trusty museum. The Natural History Museum, for example, has a wealth of cool seasonal exhibitions, attractions, tours, galleries, workshops and safaris. There are loads of free activities, and you’ll leave with the giddiness of a child who’s had the delight of a school science excursion. While you’re at it, have a gander at some galleries too. The National Portrait is always a winner.


City walks

If you’re in the city centre, there are loads of inexpensive walking tours on offer. Learn about the city’s rich history, weaving through time and streets in captivated awe. Whether you’re intrigued by Jack the Ripper, Soho, old London city, or the Royal dynasties, there are tales to meet all appetites. At the end, pay what you think the tour is worth.



Roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. From community health promotion, to aged care visits, there are lots of opportunities to lend a hand out there.


Meet ups

Keep abreast of what’s happening in your industry, and the world, by joining inquisitive people at co-ordinated ‘meet ups‘. Topics span from career and business, to art and culture, paranormal, movies and film, all the way to pets and animals. It’s a great way to expand your horizons, and keep your brain whirring and whizzing in the quieter work months.



London is a market lover’s paradise. Wherever you turn, you’re greeted with great market nosh to sink your teeth into. Whether Moorgate, Brockley, Lea Bridge, St Katharine Docks, Southbank, or Portobello – the options are ample. If it’s trinkets and non-foody delights you’re interested in, there’s an abundance of silverware, knick-knack, and flower markets too.


So when you’re not scouring the app for your next role, use these 5 inexpensive suggestions to keep active and entertained.

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