4 ways to manage your work life balance


It must be one of the most common debates in the workforce; how do people keep work life balance in check?
While looking for work, and in work, it’s important to keep some equilibrium so you’re at your best. If you run yourself down, your productivity will be lower, and consequent job performance, or job hunt, will be less productive.


Here are four ways to keep the balance:

Down time
This can be an hour in the morning, after you wake up, half an hour on your lunch break, or a post-shift catch up with friends. Sit down, turn off for a moment and enjoy it. The finer things in life are meant to be enjoyed alongside work, so plan activities, breaks or holidays in advance, so you have goals to work towards. And when you’re back to work, you’ll be that much more refreshed and efficient.


Be as productive as possible in your job, so you cut down on wasted time, and make the most of your out of office hours. That can mean not spending time on social media, Daily Mail, or Pokemon Go so you can leave work at the end of your shift, and make room for more activities.


Not only good for boosting your brain power, but getting the blood pumping solo is a great way to give your brain and mind some alone time. Focus on your breathing, which can mean practicing yoga, pilates or even meditating (although that’s probably more exercising the mind.)


Keep a cool head; it’ll help you work productively, and what’s more, efficiently. If you feel yourself getting stressed, it will seep into your personal life, and your time off won’t feel like time off at all. Compartmentalise and allow your mind to switch off. That way, when it’s time to switch back on, whether for your job hunt, or your existing job, you’re ready and energised.

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