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How to find a job local to you

Have you ever given any thought to the time you spend commuting to and from work? In London, workers spend an ever-increasing amount of hours on their commute. Can you imagine having all that time for yourself to do as you please?   As a solution to this problem, our genius Jobandtalent staff has created a secret formula that helps reduce your commute time to the bare minimum: Introducing the geolocalization feature. What is geolocalization?
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Bring your profile to life with our new video feature

At Jobandtalent we’re constantly developing and enhancing the features in our app to improve your chances of getting a job. We recently launched a ratings and reviews feature, which allows you to request ratings from previous colleagues and employers. Our new video profile feature is just as exciting and integral to making your profile stand out on the app.   Now you can use the app to record a 20 second video which will offer
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How to nail your job interview

Your job search is starting to pay off and you get asked in for an interview. But what happens now? Well, if you’re really keen on the position, you’ll obviously need to get yourself ready.   Believe it or not, one of the biggest mistakes people make is turning up to an interview unprepared. It’s the key reason why candidates don’t make it through the selection process, even if they’re perfectly suitable for the position.   So
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Solving risky hiring practices in the UK

Hiring new employees is a big, risky investment in your company. Recruiting costs can be as high as $3,500, and training costs run organizations over $1,000 per employee per day.   A new study made by Jobandtalent, has revealed a lack of HR resources and expertise is leading to risky hiring practices amongst small businesses in the UK. We have made an infographic to show how can we help to solve this problem with our
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Jobandtalent Continues To Revolutionise Job Market With $42 Million Series B Round Led by Atomico

Jobandtalent, the world’s leading job marketplace, which matches SMEs with local talent and offers staff management services, has completed a $42 million Series B round. Led by Atomico, the global technology venture capital firm set up by Skype founder Niklas Zennström, this round builds on the Series A funding raised last year.   The world’s leading job marketplace, with unique job matching technology and new staff management services, accelerates global expansion with major international funding round  
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What Are The Questions That Should Ask I A Job Interview?

In the modern world, many job seekers focus so hard on how  to answer  interview questions that they forget something very important: the candidates can ask questions too! As a candidate, asking questions in an interview show  interest, attention and curiosity; all highly valued attributes for people who are interested in getting involved with a company project. However, it is also important to ask the right questions. Here at the  jobandtalent blog we are going to
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