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Tips for job interviews: What candidates should ask

We have already talked about job interviews in this blog: we have explained different interview styles, how to answer to behavioral-based questions, we have analysed how to research the company and what not to say in an interview. After learning all these advices, you can feel you are ready for the interview. Finally the day comes and you feel pretty confident. You nail all the answers. Definitely you researched the company and you can impress
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How to write a CV when you don’t have professional experience

New Year, new life and new job! 2014 could be the perfect opportunity for those of you who are seeking for a job to boost your job search. The first thing you need to do to relaunch your job hunting is writing a new brand CV or updating the old one. You can also choose to create a creative and insanely cool CV, as the ones we showed you in a previous post. However, shaping
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Ideas to make your job application stand out: Creative CV

How many times have you changed your CV? You rewrite your personal statement, add new outstanding achievements and structure all over again your skills. However, it is still the same black and white boring CV with just few bold letters. Although the standard CV model is always the safe bet, it won’t guarantee you an interview in a heavy competitive job. Why don’t you try to think outside the white A4 paper and do a
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