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At Jobandtalent we’re constantly developing and enhancing the features in our app to improve your chances of getting a job. We recently launched a ratings and reviews feature, which allows you to request ratings from previous colleagues and employers. Our new video profile feature is just as exciting and integral to making your profile stand out on the app.


Now you can use the app to record a 20 second video which will offer a potential employer greater insight into you. It’s a clever way of sharing your work experience while letting your personality shine through. In those 20 seconds you can give employers a better sense of not just what you have achieved and your experience, but what you are capable of achieving in the future.



Here’s some advice on how to use this feature to your advantage and make a great video presentation.


1# Be brief and concise


You have a total of 20 seconds to introduce yourself, so be brief and to the point. Writing a small script before you start recording will help you focus on your most marketable skills and means you won’t leave out any important details about your professional career.


2# What can you talk about?


Be creative but professional. Focus on experience and skill sets which are relevant to your position. Show them you are the perfect candidate to fill the role.



3# Choose the right setting


A clean, plain background with limited clutter will help ensure that the focus is on you and not the things around you – try avoid personal settings. Lighting is equally important – choose a well-lit room with plenty of light in front of you or to the side of you.


4# Dress accordingly  


Your personal appearance is the first thing a company will notice, so it goes without saying that you should be presentable. Dress appropriately and comfortably, so you can be as natural as possible.



5# Speak to the camera


Talking directly to the camera is difficult but doing so will make your message clear and more convincing. Address the camera the way you would if you were talking to someone face to face, smile and talk clearly. But most importantly, be yourself.


Bringing your profile to life will increase your job offers and help you find the position you are looking for.

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