How to stay healthy and positive during your job hunt


We know job hunting can often be hard work. Both mentally and physically, the strain can sometimes be overwhelming. So here are some simple tips on how to keep your mind positive, and body at its best, during your job search.   Know you’re not alone We’ve all been there. Nearly every person on the planet has. So when you’re feeling a bit flat, reach out to someone who has recently been in your position. The proof is
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How to boost your Jobandtalent profile

Enticing profile

First impressions count, so how can you leave an even more positive one on the app? Here are some easy tips to bump up your profile, so you’re listed higher up, and consequently more visible to employers:   Profile pic Put a face to a name. The age old saying still rings true on the modern app. Including a picture automatically makes you familiar to prospective employers, and results have shown adding one really boosts job seekers’ chances
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Looking for hairdresser work? Now’s your time

Hairdresser  July

If you’ve considered getting into hairdressing, or you’re a hairdresser looking for work, well the world is your oyster at the moment; our app is raining down hairdresser roles.   Why Well it’s all to do with summer. That glorious and sometimes hot part of the year often signals a rise in consumer demand for hairdresser services. Hair and beauty, coupled with fashion, caters to the long-time trend around looking and feeling beautiful for the sunnier
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Chef work this summer


As spring turns to summer, and people flood into buzzing London, there’s no better to time to roll up your sleeves and find work as a chef in the restaurant industry. We’ve seen a spike of available roles on the app, with many great businesses looking to hire talent immediately. This comes as no surprise as restaurants ready themselves for the tourist influx, and the added patronage that comes with more bodies in the city. In 2015,
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Brexit stokes SME recruiting confusion


The day after the historic Brexit vote I spoke about likely fear and confusion among UK SMEs – and I haven’t been wrong. We are in the midst of a deeply uncertain time.   Research we recently undertook with OnePoll gives us a deeper, unique insight into what SMEs are thinking.   Over 40% of the SMEs we surveyed ahead of the referendum told us they were concerned about how a Leave vote would affect
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