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Ideas to make your job application stand out: Creative CV


How many times have you changed your CV? You rewrite your personal statement, add new outstanding achievements and structure all over again your skills. However, it is still the same black and white boring CV with just few bold letters. Although the standard CV model is always the safe bet, it won’t guarantee you an interview in a heavy competitive job. Why don’t you try to think outside the white A4 paper and do a creative CV? Today, at jobandtalent, we will present you insanely cool CVs that landed interviews at top jobs. Get inspired by these creative CV:

1. Playable video game CV: is this the world’s most creative CV?

Robby Leonardi is an enthusiastic animator that created one of the most outstanding and impressive CVs ever just two months ago. Mr Leonardi created an interactive CV using Super Mario Bros as inspiration. The idea behind was quite simple: creating a video game full of colourful layouts and a funny miniature superhero in order to showcase his past professional experiences, skills and personal achievements in an outrageous way. Employers are taken on a two minute trip through the creator’s previous working life. There are four levels and each one is different. Diagrams, underwater world, hot air balloon… everything appears in Robby Leonardi personal interactive CV. Would you like to play? Just click here and get some inspiration.

2. Sell yourself at Amazon: the creative CV that landed an interview at Amazon

Philippe Dubost created an outstanding CV that landed an interview at Amazon. His Product Management expertise, his knowhow in html language and his creativity allow him to create a website which had the same appearance as an Amazon page. Nevertheless, instead of advertising a book, he actually sells himself as an Amazon product. His previous professional experience is written in the product details section and there is even a ‘Buy me’ button. The page got thousands of views and more than 40 job offers. Take a look at this creative CV.

3. Use Facebook as your CV: the creative CV

Facebook is a quite useful tool to seek for a job if you are cautious with what you post. However, Sabrina Saccoccio used this social network in a very different way: Saccoccio copied the Facebook layout, took a format everyone is familiar with and totally subverted it into a CV. Then she sent the CV to Steve Pratt, director of CBC Radio 3, who posted the CV on his blog hoping someone else could offer her a job. CBC Radio 3 couldn’t hire anyone at that moment because of a hiring freeze. Later Pratt confessed that that CV was one of the most brilliant one he has ever seen. Why don’t you try something similar to what Sabrina Saccoccio did?

4. Brick CV: the creative CV in a milk brick

What is the Brick CV? Do you remember milk bricks in old Hollywood movies? Those which had pictures of missed children displayed under the brand. Spaniard Raúl Calabria got inspired by one of these bricks and used the standard milk brick as a way to convey information non related with food. He subverted his CV into a brick and printed his photo and his slogan on it. He then launched a viral campaign called “Save a Journalist”, which was a total social revolution in Spain.

5. “Save me from emigration”: the creative CV on a billboard

Irish graduate Féilim Mac An Iomaire spent his life savings on a massive billboard advertisement asking employers not to let him leave the republic where he was born. The ad was situated on the busy Merrion Road in south Dublin and contained a picture of the 26-years-old marketing graduate facing famous landmarks from London, Sydney and New York. He then confessed he was overwhelmed by the response. Do you think you could also do a billboard ad like this one?

6. Your creative CV

Do you want to be part of our list of top creative CV? Get inspired by these stories and start your own creative campaign now. Will you be the next one to be in our list? Check out our job offers and begin your creative journey today.

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