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How to find a job local to you


Have you ever given any thought to the time you spend commuting to and from work? In London, workers spend an ever-increasing amount of hours on their commute. Can you imagine having all that time for yourself to do as you please?


As a solution to this problem, our genius Jobandtalent staff has created a secret formula that helps reduce your commute time to the bare minimum: Introducing the geolocalization feature.

What is geolocalization?


With our app’s latest update, you can find those jobs that are nearest to you. Meaning that all those companies that are looking to hire and are located close-by will appear in your job suggestions section.


This is a great way to save time as well as resources spent commuting such as money for gas or public transportation.


How to find a job near you?


The first thing you’ll have to do is allow our app access to your smartphone localization. This way you will receive job offers regardless of where you are at the time.


Another important step is to complete your professional profile, including your home address. By including this piece of information our technology is able to search for job offers near your place of residence.


Moreover, the app will sort the job offers in order of relevance according to your professional profile. However, after that, the app will show you those offers that might interest you regarding their proximity to your home.

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