What it’s like to shoot a TV commercial


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to develop a TV commercial, stand behind the camera, and rub shoulders with a production crew while filming? For our latest TV commercial in London, we did just that. Creating a TV ad can be hard work; there are many moving parts, and you often have just one day to capture everything on film. But it was one of the most interesting and precise processes we’ve seen. It further drilled
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Meet the team: Justin


Meet Justin. He’s part of the furniture here at Jobandtalent. As a lifelong resident of Fulham, and a budding DJ, it was the vibrancy and young workforce here at Jobandtalent that tickled his fancy.  Justin found his job at Jobandtalent…….through Jobandtalent – and we love that. He’s one of dozens that we’ve scouted through the app across telesales, marketing, admin and field sales. When asked how Justin came to work here, he mentioned it was through an old
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Candidate or company – who speaks first on Jobandtalent chat?


Who initiates the Jobandtalent chat? Should the candidate send the first message? Or is that a move best left with the company?   Today we’re giving you some inside tips on the right and wrong way to go about striking up a conversation with a potential employer…listen closely!   When you go into the app, you’ll see your job suggestions – perhaps your perfect job is even amongst the list, just waiting for your application. Tap
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