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When hires don’t match their work experience



Ever had that sinking feeling? You’ve trawled through hundreds of CVs and finally found someone who looks perfect on paper, only to find out they’re nothing like the person you need to hire when you meet them. If so, you’re not alone.

Our latest research clearly points to the significance of finding the perfect personality fit in a new employee. When we recently polled 500 UK SMEs, 68.6% told us that ‘personality and attitude’ are ‘very important’ when they are looking to hire someone for a job.

However, far too often candidates who look great on paper, don’t fit the bill in reality. Our study found that 54% of SMEs have been faced with candidates who don’t match their CVs when they meet them in person.

This is a waste of valuable time and effort, not only for the small company who now needs to go through the whole process again to find the right recruit, but also for the prospective employee, who could be missing out on the right job opportunity while pursuing the wrong one. Try as they might to carefully craft their CV to match the requirements of the job, if they’re not the right fit, this will be exposed soon enough.


Getting to know you – with technology

So what’s the answer? Well, as with many aspects of business today, technology is playing its part in providing the solution.

The problem has always been the difficulty of getting to know candidates directly with any kind of depth or authenticity. As a result, SMEs have typically used intermediaries such as recruitment agencies. However, while these third parties can ensure candidates have the right skills and qualifications, they are often too distanced to truly understand the right personality match for a company.

An alternative solution is to hold numerous face-to-face interviews with every prospective employee. But when 77% of small business owners take on the full responsibility of hiring talent themselves, the laborious task of organising and holding endless interviews falls on them personally – sometimes to the detriment of their other business responsibilities.

Today time and resource-poor SME owners are able to view video profiles and use chat features to get a first-hand impression of a candidate’s personality and attitude. No more relying on someone else’s opinion or a well-crafted CV.

One of our clients, a designer and installer of marble and granite stone works, recently told us about the “autonomy” this provides, allowing them to be matched and chat with potential candidates directly. Previously they had made bad hires at quite some cost to the business – 10% of a new hire’s annual salary going as a fee to an intermediary, alongside lost productivity in the weeks it took to replace them with someone new.

In SME recruitment, technology is important not only in terms of matching the supply and demand of talent, but also in enabling a simple and direct communication between parties. In a world of constant communication, it’s increasingly important that employers and job seekers alike are embracing it as a means of streamlining the hiring process.

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