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How can I boost my profile on the app?


Your past employers were impressed with your work, dedication to your job and your attitude. In fact, they liked everything about you. So wouldn’t it be nice if prospective employers knew all the great things about you too?


Well now they can, thanks to our new ratings and reviews feature. By asking previous employers or colleagues to rate you and your work, you’ll not only boost your profile, you’ll also increase your chances of getting hired by up to 5 times.


Why get reviewed


Reviews are incredibly useful for companies who are interested in hiring you. It gives them a chance to find out more about you and how you’ve performed in other jobs. What’s more, adding reviews to your profile helps to generate trust as it provides a balanced endorsement of your experience at work.


Who should review you


People you’ve worked with previously – both former colleagues and employers – who can highlight your skills and prove that you’re a great member of staff. And it’ll take them less than 5 minutes to rate you and provide a short review.


How to ask for a review


You can make a request directly from the app. Simply log in, tap on your profile in the bottom right corner, click ‘Request review’ and then share the link with your contacts. Then just wait for the glowing feedback to start rolling in.


Viewing your rating


Once you’ve been rated and had reviews added to your profile, you’ll see your average star rating just below your personal information. And obviously the more positive ratings you get, the better your average rating.


It’s a great feature to help boost your profile – and your confidence in your job hunt.


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