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How to nail your job interview


Your job search is starting to pay off and you get asked in for an interview. But what happens now? Well, if you’re really keen on the position, you’ll obviously need to get yourself ready.


Believe it or not, one of the biggest mistakes people make is turning up to an interview unprepared. It’s the key reason why candidates don’t make it through the selection process, even if they’re perfectly suitable for the position.


So if you’re interested in making that next step towards getting hired, here at Jobandtalent we’ve pulled together some top tips on how to nail your interview:


1# Do your research  


This might sound obvious, but it’s extremely important for you to know some of the fundamentals about the company, the role, and why they appeal to you. If you don’t, there’s a risk the interviewer will think you’re only interested in getting a job… any job.

Increasingly, companies are looking for candidates who are excited about the broader business, not just the specific role they’re being hired for. So one of the first things you should do to prepare your interview is research the company: what it does, what it does really well and what you could bring to the table.


2# Dress code


Dressing for an interview doesn’t always mean wearing a suit and tie. Each company has its own personality and culture, so make sure you’re clear on what’s appropriate for that business and for the role. But whatever the type of business, how you look is always the first thing your interviewer will see and therefore form an opinion on. So make sure you know what being ‘presentable’ means for that business, but also that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.


 3# Practice common interview questions


Being natural and even spontaneous is always important in a job interview, but there are still some key questions you can prepare your answers for, which will help you come across as confident and  really having thought things through. At Jobandtalent we have a number of articles with common interview questions that you can check out in order to prepare yourself for questions an interviewer may throw your way.


4# Be punctual


How long will it take you to get to the interview? Plan your route in advance and calculate your estimated time of arrival so you’re there on time, or better still, early. Arriving late to an interview is a surefire way of appearing unprofessional and unreliable, and never gets the meeting off on the right foot. As a general rule of thumb, try to turn up no more than 10 minutes before the interview is due to start.


5# Switch off your phone


Getting interrupted by a phone going off in the middle of the interview never gives a great impression. And one of the most common pieces of feedback recruiters give in HR forums are about candidates who spend the interview checking their phone or fiddling with it. So have your phone on silent or switch it to airplane mode, and do put it away before the interview begins.


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