How to nail your job interview


Your job search is starting to pay off and you get asked in for an interview. But what happens now? Well, if you’re really keen on the position, you’ll obviously need to get yourself ready.   Believe it or not, one of the biggest mistakes people make is turning up to an interview unprepared. It’s the key reason why candidates don’t make it through the selection process, even if they’re perfectly suitable for the position.   So
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Tips for job interviews: What candidates should ask

Career advice for new graduates

We have already talked about job interviews in this blog: we have explained different interview styles, how to answer to behavioral-based questions, we have analysed how to research the company and what not to say in an interview. After learning all these advices, you can feel you are ready for the interview. Finally the day comes and you feel pretty confident. You nail all the answers. Definitely you researched the company and you can impress
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