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Tips for job interviews: What candidates should ask

Career advice for new graduates

We have already talked about job interviews in this blog: we have explained different interview styles, how to answer to behavioral-based questions, we have analysed how to research the company and what not to say in an interview. After learning all these advices, you can feel you are ready for the interview. Finally the day comes and you feel pretty confident. You nail all the answers. Definitely you researched the company and you can impress your prospective employer. You also put emphasis on your talents, skills and personal achievements. The interviewer seems to have finished, but there is one last question: “Do you have any questions?”

The answer is usually negative. However, this apparently insignificant inquiry does make a difference. You should be ready to ask the interviewer something. Only when you ask, you can really show your interest in a job interview. Don’t miss out this opportunity to learn about the company and to understand unclear details in the job description. Prove you have done your homework and have researched about the firm. Asking your doubts in a job interview does not mean you are unsecure or stupid. On the contrary, it only shows interest. Today, at jobandtalent, we will like to list some questions candidates should ask in a job interview:

1. Why are you looking for someone to cover this particular position?

Sometimes it is not clear why the firm is looking for someone new to cover a post. We encourage you to ask this question in the job interview in order to find out if the position is available or has just been created. From the answer, you could guess if the company is growing or is a stable one. The interviewer’s answer could be that you are going to cover a job position of an employer who was just promoted. This is also an excellent sign: the position you are applying to is a post where improvements are possible.

2. What do you expect from me?

Thanks to this question, you will make clear you want to know how to meet their requirements. You are saying in a way that you want to stand out and success. The recruiter will normally answer you explaining priorities and tasks you will be facing in your first weeks. Besides, it will let you know not only how the company is organized, but also how environment and the workplace are.

3. Does the firm have in-company training?

The interviewer will guess that you have plans to stay at the firm for a long period of time and to grow and learn more. You are indirectly showing you are motivated, passionate and keen on developing your professional skills. Try to always who these skills in a job interview.

4. How are the job promotion opportunities within the firm?

You are underlying you know your exact long-term aims. You want to keep climbing the professional ladder, and you are willing to do it in the company.

5. What is the next step in the hiring process?

You can ask the interviewer about the next step: further interviews or application forms. Make sure you understand how they will contact you if you are finally the successful candidate.

Are you ready to face a job interview? Jumpstart your career with our tips and start looking for job offers!

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