Revolutionising hiring: Florissa Designs


The Challenge

When Mannuela Konan started her events decoration and floral designs enterprise – Florissa Designs – in 2014, she had an eye for immaculate detail and a passion for being her own boss.

However, she soon found that running her own business meant managing everything from client relations to finance.

What’s more, as demand for her beautiful wedding and event creations stretched beyond that of a sole trader earlier this year, she realised with dread that she’d need to add ‘HR and recruitment expert’ to her list of expanding business roles.

“When I first thought about taking on employees, I was scared,” explains Mannuela. “I’d never done anything like that before and had no idea where to start and didn’t have the time to learn.”

For Mannuela, the challenge was not just about finding candidates – for a business relying on word-of-mouth recommendations, it was crucial that she was matched with the right talent for the job:

“Most of our business comes from a friend or relative recommending us for future events, so the first impression my staff offer up is crucial.

“I needed people who could impress clients when meeting them, but who were not afraid to get their hands dirty. The job includes early starts and sometimes long days, with 3-400 tables to dress, so a keen eye for detail and a ‘can-do’ attitude is important.”


The Solution

After researching the cost of going through a traditional recruitment agency, Mannuela began to wonder whether she would ever be able to afford to take on the staff she needed. Moreover, she started to fear the additional burden that comes from turning a sole trading operation into a small business.

“It dawned on me that I had no idea how to manage processes such as Payroll and insurance,” she explains. “Dealing with the financial side of things was the main reason I was afraid of taking on staff, so I called HMRC, but of course they don’t have the time to go through everything in the detail I needed.”

It was then that Mannuela was introduced to Jobandtalent. With the online job matching marketplace also managing everything from verifying references, to providing employment contracts, managing ongoing payroll and dealing with HMRC, it was ‘an easy decision’ for Mannuela.
“All I need to know is how many hours my staff are working at a given time, and Jobandtalent deals with how much they should be paid and take care of the payroll.”


The Results

  • Immediate results on-the-go

Within two days, Mannuela was matched with over 60 keen and local candidates on Jobandtalent: “I was delighted to have such a fantastic response from job seekers and the fact that I could manage the whole process from my phone, including chatting to candidates, was ideal for someone with my schedule.”

  • Perfect matches

Jobandtalent’s matching technology meant that finding candidates that met Mannuela’s specific requirements was no problem: “At first I was afraid of handing over important work to employees. The first employee had to manage an event on her own, while I took care of a function elsewhere. When I arrived to see everything in perfect order, I knew I’d made the right decision. I’ve hired three people on the app over the past four months for short-term work. They’ve matched my business’ needs so well, I’ve returned to them for repeat work.”

  • Growing the business

While Mannuela’s original aim was to find staff on an ad-hoc basis to meet demand during busy periods, such as wedding season, one of her Jobandtalent candidates is soon to become her business partner. “I realised that with her strengths in events management and my focus on design, we will be stronger together. I couldn’t have done it without Jobandtalent. This will be crucial for growing my business.”


Download Jobandtalent today via our website, the Apple Store or Google Play.

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