Revolutionising hiring: The Associated Stone Group


The Associated Stone Group explains how embracing tech has revolutionised hiring for the marble and granite specialist


The Challenge

 The Associated Stone Group has been successfully designing and installing marble and granite stone works for the past 22 years. But while the team’s niche service offering has stood the test of time, it recently became apparent that its hiring practices weren’t cutting it in today’s competitive market.


“We had some really bad experiences with the recruitment consultants we depended upon”, explains Sarah Wood, who looks after recruitment for The Associated Stone Group.


The problem, she explains, was the recruiter’s failure to adequately vet the applicant’s suitability and understand the type of candidate that would excel within the team – an oversight, which had costly implications for The Associated Stone Group.


“It was a major setback,” laments Sarah. “We had an eight week gap without a coordinator on one of our sites – meaning reduced output and revenue for us and a heavier workload for the rest of the team.”


The Solution

 It was during this tricky period for the company, that Sarah came across a TV advert for Jobandtalent. As the online job matching service was completely free to use, she decided it was worth a try – and hasn’t looked back since.


Within a few days of posting the company’s vacancy, Sarah was matched with over 50 potential candidates. “We posted the exact same job on a jobs board and received six unsuitable suggestions,” reveals Sarah.


“I was matching and chatting with potential candidates directly. Unlike the external consultant, I know exactly who makes a great employee at The Associated Stone Group. They can have all the experience in the world, but if the personality isn’t right, it just won’t work.”


The Results

 No more time wasted on bad hires: From spending weeks recruiting the wrong candidates, Sarah has since hired a total of three suitable employees via the app “Although we were only looking to fill one position the first time we used Jobandtalent, the applicants were of such a high calibre that we went on to hire two more,” she reveals.


A solution that suits jobseekers: Keen to ensure that jobseekers were as happy with the Jobandtalent experience as The Associated Stone Group, Sarah asked for their feedback. “It was clear that Jobandtalent suited them as well as it did us. They were particularly happy that they could manage the whole process via their phone.”


The numbers speak for themselves: Sarah estimates a £6,500 saving for the company on recruitment costs alone – “And that’s without factoring in the time I previously spent training up employees, for them to leave shortly after,” she explains. “All in all it’s a no brainer. Jobandtalent has saved us time and money – it’s definitely our preferred choice for hiring from now on.”


Download Jobandtalent today via our website, the Apple Store or Google Play.


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