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How to write a CV when you don’t have professional experience


New Year, new life and new job! 2014 could be the perfect opportunity for those of you who are seeking for a job to boost your job search. The first thing you need to do to relaunch your job hunting is writing a new brand CV or updating the old one. You can also choose to create a creative and insanely cool CV, as the ones we showed you in a previous post. However, shaping a CV when you don’t have any previous professional experience is one of the most challenged tasks you will have to face. That’s the reason why, today, at jobandtalent, we would like to explain you how to write an appealing CV when you don’t have any past experience.

The advantage of the youth is precisely that one: to be young. Several companies prefer to hire talented recent graduates or students with no experience at all, so they can teach them in their own offices. The employee will learn everything about the industry from the unique point of view of the employer and won’t have bad habits or old obsession gained in previous positions. We encourage you to feel proud of your non experienced professional life. You should even boost it and learn how to transform this disadvantage in a virtue.  All of us have started somewhere, so firms actually understand how difficult it is to obtain the first ever job.

The first tip is selecting the proper CV layout. Both the chronological and the combined CV are designed to highlight career progression and past positions you have had. The functional CV is a convenient format that distributes information in sections and sets out skills and competencies. Instead of listing your job history, you can emphasise personal accomplishments and abilities. It is important to include the so-called transferable skills, which have been gained in non-professional jobs but can actually help you in future rolea. Just to list some example of transferable skills, leadership skills, communication skills, group people skills, organized… are some typical ones.

Although you don’t have professional experience, you can be keen on certain online software, on designing etc. The only way to fight against lack of experience is highlighting the skills and competencies that make you unique, different from the rest.

Your CV is not only a presentation letter, but it is also a marketable piece aimed to create a long-lasting impression in your future employer and to get you an interview. That’s why the absence of particular professional life should be substituted by strong accomplishments.

It is also quite useful to make your academic life the centre of your CV. Include the complete name of your Bachelor, the university you attended and the period of time. If you have done a master program or any postgraduate course, do also embrace them. If you are an A-students, high marks and scores can help you out. Being successful at university conveys the impression that the student is committed, focused and able to perform well when he or she has been asked to.

Independent courses, expositions you have attended, relevant seminars and lecturers should have room in your CV, due to the fact that all of them can help you differentiate from the rest of applicants.

Incorporating a reference letter from an academic tutor could indeed boost your opportunities to success in the application process. Don’t forget that reference letters have to be tailored to the particular job position candidates are applying for.

Finally, for all of you, jobseekers with no experience, take advantage of the social media and the online world. Have a strong online presence, interact with prospective employers, keep updated with the latest news of the industry you are wishing to enter and follow up the company’s path. Connect with them and always bear in mind that most of firms actually contact with candidates through social networks.

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