How can I boost my profile on the app?


Your past employers were impressed with your work, dedication to your job and your attitude. In fact, they liked everything about you. So wouldn’t it be nice if prospective employers knew all the great things about you too?   Well now they can, thanks to our new ratings and reviews feature. By asking previous employers or colleagues to rate you and your work, you’ll not only boost your profile, you’ll also increase your chances of getting hired
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Moving to London? Here’s a beginner’s simple guide.


If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re interested in making the move to London – and what a great option! But while moving city is exciting, it can be equally as daunting. Here’s our succinct guide on how to seamlessly move into, and make the most of this city.   Paperwork  To live and work in Britain, you need to have the right legal documentation, whether it be a VISA, or an EU passport. It’s worth having
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Take the guesswork out of employer regulations


Rarely do people go into business because they have a passion for bureaucracy. But complying with rules and regulations is a huge part of running a company, and failure to do so can lead to huge fines, or in extreme cases, the closure of the business. Moreover, once a small company starts to employ other people, a whole new world of bureaucracy opens up, as the employer needs to start thinking about pensions, holiday pay,
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4 ways to manage your work life balance


It must be one of the most common debates in the workforce; how do people keep work life balance in check? While looking for work, and in work, it’s important to keep some equilibrium so you’re at your best. If you run yourself down, your productivity will be lower, and consequent job performance, or job hunt, will be less productive.   Here are four ways to keep the balance: Down time This can be an hour
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When hires don’t match their work experience


  Ever had that sinking feeling? You’ve trawled through hundreds of CVs and finally found someone who looks perfect on paper, only to find out they’re nothing like the person you need to hire when you meet them. If so, you’re not alone. Our latest research clearly points to the significance of finding the perfect personality fit in a new employee. When we recently polled 500 UK SMEs, 68.6% told us that ‘personality and attitude’
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