Chef work this summer


As spring turns to summer, and people flood into buzzing London, there’s no better to time to roll up your sleeves and find work as a chef in the restaurant industry. We’ve seen a spike of available roles on the app, with many great businesses looking to hire talent immediately. This comes as no surprise as restaurants ready themselves for the tourist influx, and the added patronage that comes with more bodies in the city. In 2015,
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5 things to do while you’re job hunting

London activities

Looking for activities to do while you’re job hunting? Don’t want to break the bank but keen on staying active and seeing the best of what London has to offer? Here are some ideas for your time off: Museums It may not be the first thing that jumps to mind, but don’t be too quick to write-off the trusty museum. The Natural History Museum, for example, has a wealth of cool seasonal exhibitions, attractions, tours, galleries,
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How to ace your job interview


You’ve made it through to job interview stage, and now it’s time to focus on meeting and impressing your prospective employer.   Use these simple tips to nail your interview: Prepare Research the business you’ll be chatting with. This doesn’t mean you need to regurgitate their year-on-year growth figures, but know what type of role you’re looking to successfully fill, and general background info on the business. Taking the time to understand your potential employer shows that you’re earnestly keen and resourceful.   Plan  It
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How we match businesses instantly with job seekers


If you’ve used the app, you’ve noticed that as soon as you post a job, you’re presented with a list of job seekers.   Why is that we hear you ask?   Because we understand the SME businesses are often time poor, and require staff at the drop of a hat. But the world of staffing can often be difficult to navigate; inflated recruitment agency prices, a sea of candidates that may not be suitable, and
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How to interview your job applicant


We’ve all been in the situation, either as an interviewer or interviewee, and it can be pretty nerve-wracking. So here are some quick and easy tips on how best to approach this situation as an interviewer:   Always ask direct, clear questions and know what you’d like out of the answer Don’t leave room for confusion when you pose a question to your candidate, because then their response could be equally as indistinct. Prepare your
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